Wind and Tunes

Wind! I hate wind! There’s nothing I can do about it. Except to blame it for today’s difficulties.

GoGirlBecause today feels a lot harder. I didn’t have the whiny voices in my head as I was getting ready to come out this morning, mostly because today’s plan only called for 3 miles, compared to the 4 I did yesterday. But once I get started they come back in full force.

And my songs are off today. I have a playlist of 64 songs picked at random from my iTunes collection. Most are upbeat, to keep me motivated and moving. Yesterday it was my best workout Queen song (“There’s no stopping me now…”) that kept me going at the three mile point when I was ready to sit down. But today it seems like every song is conspiring to slow me down or stop. So “Bleeding Out” by Imagine Dragons needs to go, I think.

And my head won’t shut up with the nagging to quit, slow down, walk, go home.

Solution? I sing out loud sometimes as I run. Trying to speak up over the damn negative committee. People riding or running past me in the other direction often smile at me and sometimes I think it’s awesome how supportive people are on this path. Today I’m convinced they’re laughing at me more than cheering me on.

Oh well, whatever gets you through.


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