It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

NewHeadshot5For some unknown and probably ridiculous reason, a few weeks ago I decided to train for a half-marathon. Maybe it was something I read, or maybe someone mentioned it, or perhaps I saw an intriguing post on Facebook. Whatever planted the seed of marathon-training in my mind is now gone from my memory.

What is left is my decision to actually go for it. So far, here’s what I have done to begin my preparation:

  • Read, read, read. I immediately found running blogs, running websites, marathon memoirs, training plans, and a wealth of links to products I could buy to support me on this journey. Since I already have running shoes, jog bra, and assorted t-shirts and tights, I didn’t have to buy a bunch of gear. But I did buy a few books – real ones and digital. Nothing over the top, as I have been known to do when starting out on new ventures. My many bookshelves are nothing if not a reflection of the many paths I’ve taken throughout my life. This time my plan is to read less and do more.
  • Plan.  As opposed to reading, which is as vital to me as breathing, planning is not my strong point. In case it means anything to you, I am a triple Pisces, and we water creatures are not known for being especially grounded in detail. So the planning piece is big for me. After asking for suggestions from a few running friends I settled on a training plan and wrote out my first month on a dry-erase board that now sits on the counter in my bathroom. I update it every day.
  • Run, walk, stretch, and rest. Thursdays rock! Guess what I do on Thursdays? You got it – nothing! I have been running according to the plan chosen. And walking every day so at least 10,000 steps are covered. The stretching thing has always been something to be avoided at all costs in my book, so I’m fortunate to have a trainer who forces me to do it. Must take advantage of this before my sessions run out…

So there you have it. The very basic foundation in place to set this generally sedentary woman up for success in this quest.


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