WTC? (What The Carb?)

About a year and a half ago I quit eating sugar. Then this past April I did the Whole30 Paleo challenge. Since the initial 30 days — during which I ate pretty much perfectly Paleo — I have eaten this way for the most part. If you don’t know anything about what Paleo eating is, you can check out about a hundred blogs, books, articles, etc., mostly available on the web.

This is not going to be a Paleo blog though. Rather, it is intended to be a record of my food journey as I pursue my goal of completing this half-marathon.

My first question is about the whole carbo-loading thing. Since I don’t eat pasta or rice or bread any more, how the heck am I supposed to beef up (so to speak) on carbohydrates before a long run? I can’t imagine fruit is the answer, since it would probably have me running to find a portojohn every mile or so.

One opinion I read is that it’s not necessary to eat anything before a half marathon. Some people don’t even consider 13.1 miles to be a long run! What the heck!

Please tell me this will become more clear as I move forward…


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