My Brain as a Dangerous Place


Random thoughts before running this morning:

“This is a bad idea.”

“What were you thinking?”

“And why did you tell anyone?”

“It’s too hot… late… cloudy… sunny…”

“You will never be able to do this, so why bother?”

And many more. Bottom line is that sometimes my brain is like a bad neighborhood in the middle of the night — you just don’t want to go there. I’ve had to learn to ignore a lot of what goes on up there, just to get things done in my life. It takes practice, and sometimes I’m better at it than others. It’s already obvious to me that if I am ever to get this run completed the voices in my head will have to be tamed.

The good news is that today I didn’t try to answer any of those snarky questions I asked myself. I just put my running shoes, tights, bra, and ipod on (not necessarily in that order) and drove to the wash. Four miles later I was sweating like a farm animal but smiling. It wasn’t fast and it wasn’t pretty but it was done.LOS

Here I am at the end of today’s run. Think I’ll do it again?




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